Douglas Purdie

Previously an examiner at the European Patent Office (EPO), Douglas Purdie is currently in training to be a European and UK Patent Attorney at Hindles.

After completing his PhD in connection with the Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Surface Science based at Manchester and Liverpool Universities (thesis title: x-ray absorption spectroscopy applied to surface systems), Douglas took up a Royal Society Fellowship and worked at the IBM labs in Zurich for 18 months. This was followed by five years working as a research physicist in the field of high resolution photoemission spectroscopy at the University of Neuchâtel, in the French speaking part of Switzerland. From here in 1999 he joined the EPO in Munich, where he searched and examined patent applications in the field of investigating and analysing materials. Douglas has partially completed the qualifications towards being a European Patent Attorney.


Douglas Purdie


Professional Qualifications


Edinburgh University,
Physics (BSc)

Manchester University,
Chemistry (PhD)